Monday, 13 November 2017

India's first remote Air Traffic Control tower likely by December 2018

New Delhi: India is likely to get its first remote air traffic control tower by December 2018 at Ahmedabad airport, allowing one tower to manage aircraft movements for several nearby airstrips, Chairman Airports Authority of India (AAI)Guruprasad Mohapatra said today.

Remote and Virtual Tower (RVT) is a new concept where air traffic service at an airport is performed somewhere else, thereby, dispensing with the need for a tower on its premises.

Mohapatra said that the concept will be useful for smaller airports under the government's regional connectivity scheme (RCS), which aims to utilise underserved and unserved airports and improve connectivity to tier-2 and tier-3 cities.

"Under RCS, we will have a plethora of airports with just one or two flights per day. So, rather than setting up Air Traffic Control towers and deploying ATC personnel (at each of these airports) we hope to cover them with remote tower concept," Mohapatra told reporters.
09/11/17 PTI/Economic Times

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