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Communication has long been suggested as a critical issue in all aspects of human interaction, which is reported to be the major contributing factor into aviation accidents. Communication is essential for organizational and managerial performance and success in any endeavour, including aviation environment. In order for decision makers to arrive at the best possible decisions from a set of alternative decisions, accurate information is a necessity and this is the important of communication, which requires attention of aviation management to establish and implement best ways of remedying communication problems.

Image result for importance of communication in aviation


Written communication involves any type of interaction that makes use of the written word. Communication is a key to any endeavor involving more than one person. In fact, written communication is the most common form of communication in aviation through the use of SOPs, flight manuals, flight plans, checklists, operational bulletins and more between management and operational personnel. These documents are used to convey information and instructions needed by the organization to be performed by operational personnel. More importantly these documents are vital to aid decision makers when encountering problems during operations, therefore they are expected to provide the most precise, concise and direct information or instructions directly related to the situation encountered.


This is another important way of communicating within the aviation operational context, between ATCO and Pilots, management and operational personnel. Being able to communicate effectively will contribute to the reduction of aviation accidents. Verbal communications is one major media for communicating within the aviation operational context, and needs to be improved along the practical drift for all employees. According to many reports, communication error between ATCOs and Pilots is a major contributing factor into aviation disasters, therefore should be considered with great concern.
Aviation industry has been developing some innovative ways that could be employed in the system to increase level of improvement to communication, especially between ATCOs and Pilots. The website given herewith are among the many that discussed problems associated with communication in aviation operational context including the possible solutions of dealing with those problems.


The importance of communication in aviation is paramount as it affects safety; therefore it is essential that remedial actions are implemented that would contribute to increasing the level of improvement of communication. It is the responsibility of every aviation organization to proactively create safety nets that would prevent employees from becoming a contributing link to the chain of communication problems that could lead into accidents. For instance mechanics or engineering department, quality assurance inspectors, and supervisors demonstrated a lack of compliance with the approved procedures. Departures from approved procedures included failures to solicit and give proper shift-change turnover reports, failures to complete report forms and these are indications of poor communications which need to be considered appropriately.

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