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skills that the aviation industry looks for in a potential candidate are as follows:
Team player
Like in any organization, employers in the aviation industry also look for someone who is a team player. You should be able to coordinate & work with co-workers for the common good of the passenger & the company.
Positive attitude
A person with a pleasant demeanour, courteous behaviour, and a good posture & excellent hygiene are always preferred by the employers. Other requirements may include willingness to work hard, enthusiasm for the job assigned, reliability, dependability & trustworthiness.
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In the aviation industry safety is of utmost importance. It is critical that you are aware of the industry best practices, and rules & regulations. It is also your responsibility to ensure that everyone, from your co-workers to the passengers, follow these regulations to ensure smooth operations.
Communication skills
The job requires good interpersonal & communication skills to exchange information & avoid confusion. Employers are always looking for people who are 'willing to listen' as opposed to someone who is stubborn. The biggest mistake that you can make is to speak in a local language. You may feel compelled to speak in your mother tongue with your co-workers. But avoid the temptation at all costs. Using a different language in front of the passenger may make him feel unwelcome. Use the language that the passenger can comprehend.
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Skilled aviation personals should be able to multi-task & have knowledge of various aspects of the job & the industry. You have greater chances of promotions & better job opportunities if you are involved in various activities, without having to be instructed by a senior all the time.
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Ethical standards
The most important skill is that the employer & the customer must be able to trust you completely. From following guidelines set by the airlines to making sure the check list is followed, to the person who does maintenance of the engines, all should follow the required procedures to ensure a smooth journey.

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